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Siemens Luminos dRF Max X-ray device description

  • Synergistic effects enhanced due to a real 2-in-1 alignment;
  • Clearer images — quick and accurate diagnosis;
  • Comfortable operation for patients and operators;
  • MAX Effect.

Technical specifications:

Synergistic effects enhanced due to a real 2-in-1 alignment

Today, as X-ray studies become less and less required, one should invent an approach to guarantee the equipment’s payback.

Thanks to the 2-in-1 Luminos dRF Max system, you can decide how many fluoroscopic and radiographic studies you will require, thus maximizing the use of the system and the room intended for it.

Ysio Max Option:

  • Ceiling-fixed tube with the MAXtouch display (option);
  • MAX wi-D1 and MAX mini cordless detectors (option);
  • MAXswap2 — the right way to share information;
  • Bucky table and wall stand with tracing (option);
  • MAXalign — do everything right, starting from the first film.

Clearer images — quick and accurate diagnosis

For the diagnosis to be accurate, one should clearly visualize all anatomical structures.

The Luminos dRF Max system provides clear images with the minimal possible radiation dose. Besides, the intellectual system of image acquisition and subsequent processing helps shorten the examination and diagnostic view.

  • Large dynamic Max detector sized 43×43 cm provides non-distorted images with a resolution of up to 3.4 line pairs per 1 mm;
  • DDO and DiamondView Plus systems improve the image quality;
  • SmartView — the required image after a single touch;
  • Complex dose decrease due to the CARE scheme.

More comfortable operation for patients and operators

Patient and staff safety is especially at risk during the patient positioning in the system.

The Luminos dRF Max unit also has constructive features and an intuitive control interface that provide comfort for both the staff and patients.

The table height is adjusted to facilitate patient positioning and working comfort;

  • Easy access to the patient is possible from the back side of the table;
  • The system stand is moved easily and accurately with drives;
  • The table may move in 8 directions, guaranteeing comfort for very different patients;
  • The OPTI Grip handle with the SmartTouch function excludes the inadvertent movement of system elements;
  • Safe imaging even for children: positioning without radiation and special parameters providing low radiation dose;

High cybersecurity level is provided by the support of different user access right levels and working process simplicity.

MAX Effect

As medical institutions have to do more for fewer costs, they have to increase the efficacy of radiological equipment usage. Unite two or several MAX systems with the MAX-effect: all equipment parks of yours will be specifically standardized, which will save time and money.

Standardization provides a stable high service quality with less repeated films and increased image interpretation speed;

Saving money, time, and room areas;

Satisfaction — patients, physicians, managers, and other staff will be happy.


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