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The ProGraph series includes universal X-ray devices that allow to perform all types of X-ray studies. Devices are used for digital general X-rays of the patient in the sitting, standing, or lying positions on the table with a radiolucent deck.

ARgC-RP Universal X-Ray Digital Device (ProGraph-7000)

  • Control simplicity and high image quality make ProGraph-7000 an optimal device for the general X-ray diagnostic room.
  • All stand motions are completely motorized and controlled by software and a cordless remote.
  • The device stand is equipped with a crossbar, where the digital camera and an X-ray emitter with a diaphragm are attached. The “camera-emitter” system has an adjustable focal distance. It moves in a vertical direction along with the stand, which allows its easy positioning on the required height according to filming conditions.
  • Thanks to the camera rotation for ±45º degrees, the spectrum of possible X-ray studies is expanded.
  • The high-speed two-focus X-ray tube and a powerful feeding device provide reliable, high-quality films.
  • A radiolucent table with a carbon fiber plastic deck allows examining bedridden patients.
  • The carbon fiber plastic deck is highly durable, rigid, but the main advantage is a small weight, which gives the lab technician additional comfort when filming patients on the wheel-table.


— The software corresponds to the DICOM 3.0 international protocol, including the latest changes of the 2008 standard (with JPEG 2000 image compression) and the option of printing on the DICOM-printer. This allows integrating it into any modern medical information system if necessary. The software has been developed in close collaboration with radiologists, so it contains general formalized protocols and required periodic report forms.

ARgC-RP Universal X-Ray Digital Device (ProGraph-5000)


  • A simple and reliable device with all required quality characteristics for the traumatology department.
  • The crossbar may move vertically and rotate in a vertical plane for an angle from –135° to + 30°.
  • Modern high-frequency power devices provide the high stability of output parameters — thus, studies are performed with minimal exposure time and minimal patient radiation dose.
  • The device is supplied with a radiolucent wheel-table made of MDF.
  • The automatic organ function facilitates the choice of required filming parameters.

The package for radiologist and radiological lab technician working places

Radiologist working place

  • tower PC;
  • monochrome medical monitor;
  • professional graphic monitor;
  • keyboard, mouse;
  • SONY-UP 991 AD* Medical Printer with 2 thermal film rolls for ProGraph-5000, or SONY UP-DF550* Full-Format Printer for ProGraph-7000;
  • HP LaserJet Pro* laser printer for report printouts;
  • working table, armchair;
  • uninterrupted power supply.

Radiological lab technician working place

  • tower PC;
  • professional graphic monitor;
  • keyboard, mouse;
  • Software for the device control, film processing and backup;
  • working table, armchair;
  • uninterrupted power supply.

* — or a similar one

** — the package may differ depending on the device version

Manufactured by AO Rentgenprom.

The product is registered and approved for use in the Russian Federation.


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