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The GRAPHIX Radiological Diagnostic Stationary Device is intended for any types of radiological studies with the patient in standing, sitting, or lying positions; it is used in general diagnosis and traumatology, in inpatient X-ray rooms of medical institutions. The possibility of easy motions of a bar with an emitter and an image receiver facilitates studies under any angle to the patient’s body. The stand structure allows performing patient studies in lateral positions.

The GRAPHIX device substitutes a film table and a vertical film stand, representing an alternative to the radiological complex for 2 working places without the linear tomography function.

The main standing instrument is the film stand, which consists of a column, along which a rotating bar with a changed focal distance can move. The stand is a balanced console, with a swinging arm fitted with an emitter and a diaphragm and a swinging arm fitted with a cassette holder on the other side. The cassette holder allows working with cassettes of any size — from 13×18 cm to 35×43 cm.

The following is also included in the delivery set: a diaphragm with a light centralizer, an X-ray scattering grid, and an ionization chamber.

TOP-X 100LC X-ray power device

High-frequency power device (50 kW power, 40-150 kV voltage range).

Automatic organ programs can accelerate the studies performed by physicians. Instead of manual parameter adjustment, it is enough just to push one button even with patients of different constitutions — the control panel includes such modes as well.

The set of 100 automatic radiation modes (10 body parts, 10 diagnosis types for each body part) allows accelerating the studies for physicians.

Emitter with the X-ray tube

— Emitter with a modern bifocal X-ray tube with the following characteristics:

  • effective focal spot width (small — 0.6 mm, large — 1.5 mm);
  • anode rotation speed — 2700 rpm.

X-ray wheel-table

A wheel-table with a fixed deck is intended for patient positioning during the studies in the procedure room with the device. The wheel-table can be moved manually.

Device for determining patient radiation doses


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