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CT studies are the most efficient in the diagnosis of:

  • lesions and diseases of bones and joints;
  • traumas, damage, and various lesions of skull bones, brain, facial skeleton;
  • atherosclerotic lesions and vascular aneurysms;
  • various pathologies of thoracic cavity organs;
  • various pathological spine changes (scoliosis, intervertebral disc hernias, osteoporosis);
  • diseases of thyroid and parathyroid glands.

Features of the VENTUM Tomography Device:

  • High image quality;
  • High scanning speed;
  • Adaptation for the needs of specific hospitals;
  • Powerful means of three-dimensional image post-processing, angiography, and multiplanar reconstruction;
  • Remote access for consultations and support.


  • 2D image view
  • 3D reconstruction
  • Packages (brain perfusion; endoscopy; angiography; pulmonary analysis)

VENTUM Computed Tomograph provides:

standard CT studies with the use of multiplanar and 3D reconstructions for the following regions:

  • brain
  • facial skull
  • neck
  • thoracic organs and mediastinum
  • abdominal cavity
  • pelvis and retroperitoneal space
  • extremities and bones
  • spine special studies
  • virtual endoscopy (virtual colonoscopy)
  • CT-angiography
  • brain perfusion studies
  • coronary calcification index calculation
  • high-resolution lung CT with software procession of advantage (segmentary) lung analysis


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