Canon Aquilion PRIME 160

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Canon Aquilion PRIME 160 is suitable for any type of research. The CT scanner provides 160 slices and has a gentry width increased to 78 cm. To install the Canon CT machine, an area of 14.8 sq.m. is required. The tomograph makes it easy to introduce modern technologies into the work of medical institutions.
Features of the Canon CT scanner
The load capacity of the CT machine is 220 kg. If it is necessary to study overweight patients, the load capacity can be increased to 315 kg.
The Canon CT scanner is equipped with an exposure control function.
The field of view in a Canon CT scanner is 50 cm.
The selection of individual scanning parameters is carried out by a CT scanner automatically, depending on the size of the patient.
For spiral heart examination, SURE Cardio technology is used, which adjusts to the heart rate. This function adapts the scanning parameters in real time and reduces the radiation load.
The functionality of the Canon CT scanner
To obtain clear images at the correct load level, a 3D image reconstruction algorithm is used. The CT scanner program analyzes each pixel, reducing the noise level without affecting anatomical structures. vHP3 technology allows seamless connection of up to three images in one.
The Canon CT computer device has a reduced consumption of contrast medium. SEMAR technology allows you to suppress the influence of metal objects on the result and get an accurate image of the anatomical tissues around the implants. For angiographic procedures, Canon Aquilion provides a technology for subtracting bones and calcium from a data set. Tissue recognition is carried out by double energy scanning.


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