Training from STRYKER concern

The other day, the employees of the Aurum company were trained in one of the directions of the products supplied by the company. The organizer of the training is the STRYKER Concern, a manufacturer of medical equipment.
During the classes, special attention was paid to practical skills of working with medical furniture and cardiopulmonary resuscitation using the latest Lucas 3.
The Lucas 3 automatic CPR device is the most anticipated novelty on the Russian market, and it is distinguished from the previous Lucas 2 automatic cardiopulmonary resuscitation device by: a new lightweight lower arc design, improved quick lock mechanisms, fully automatic lowering of the compression rod, a new comfortable and ergonomic trunk (packing) made of the strongest polyurethane, and most importantly, the device can flexibly program the depth and frequency of compressions. To date, there are no analogues of these technical characteristics embodied in one device.

About Stryker

Stryker is one of the world leaders in the field of medical technologies and together with its customers strives to improve healthcare. The company offers innovative products and services in the field of medical and surgical equipment, neurotechnology, orthopedics and spinal surgery, contributing to improving treatment outcomes and improving the efficiency of medical institutions. Together with its clients all over the world, Stryker improves the lives of more than 100 million patients every year

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