Project designs of emergency room interiors in medical institutions from the Aurum Medical Company

Urgent patients in medical institutions should be admitted to a separate room unit. Meanwhile, in infectious departments, patients are examined in special isolation wards.

An isolation ward is a mandatory element of emergency pediatric departments, infectious and psychiatric hospitals, intended for patients’ individual admission and is a functional analog of isolation rooms in multidisciplinary hospitals.

The Aurum Medical Company develops interior projects for emergency admission rooms and isolation wards of medical institutions.

The images show the Aurum Medical design of an emergency room with an emergency room, an examining room, an ultrasound room, and an isolation and diagnostics room for a child under 5 years old and his attendant.

Aurum Medical offers services for the design of medical institutions of any specialty and with any capacity. All works are performed according to requirements of current standards and regulations, as well as individual customer objectives.

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