Aurum Medical delivered more than 100 units of medical equipment under state contracts in 2020

The quality of medical care depends both on specialists and adequate fitting out. Aurum Medical continues to equip healthcare institutions with medical equipment under state contracts. Thus, in 2020, the company supplied more than 100 units of medical equipment to various health care institutions of the Russian Federation.

In different Russian regions, including distant settlements, AURUM specialists provided the whole set of services concerning delivery, installation, and startup of the new medical equipment, staff training and support. Right now, the staff is mastering the delivered equipment, undergoing corresponding training, or already using it in practice.

New modern medical equipment supplied by Aurum Medical can provide patients with a wide spectrum of quick, reliable, and significant test results with a high analytical level. Accurate data will help specialists establish the correct diagnosis in patients, select the required treatment method, determine the disease prognosis, control the treatment efficacy, and develop adequate prevention measures.

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