Aurum Company will develop a project for a new central city hospital in Derbent

Recently, Aurum Medical company won the competition and signed a contract for the development of design and estimate documentation for the facility: construction of the central city hospital in Derbent, Republic of Dagestan.

Back in 2021, the Government of the Russian Federation approved an action plan for the integrated development of Derbent until 2025. Among other things, it contains a clause on the construction of the central city hospital (CGB), for which 5.8 billion rubles should be allocated in the period from 2023 to 2025.

Although the city already has an operating central city hospital, it is planned to build a modern multidisciplinary hospital with a three-level medical care system. The building will house departments of pathology of pregnancy, rehabilitation, palliative care will also be provided there.

According to the plan, it is planned to create infectious, skin-venereological and pathoanatomic buildings, as well as an ambulance fleet. The regional government noted that both adults and children from the southern part of Dagestan will receive medical care at the hospital.

The works performed by LLC “Aurum” under the contract will include the following areas:

– development of Technical specifications for the design and execution of engineering;

– performing engineering surveys;

– ensuring the receipt of technical specifications;

– preparation of project documentation consisting of graphic and text materials prepared in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;

– coordination of engineering surveys and project documentation with organizations operating facilities (networks) of engineering and technical support, other authorized bodies and organizations, technical support of the examination of the results of engineering surveys and project documentation for the Object;

– ensuring the receipt of a positive conclusion of the federal executive authority, the executive authority of the subject of the Russian Federation, authorized to conduct an examination of project documentation, or state institutions subordinate to these bodies;

– revision of the project documentation taking into account the comments issued by the bodies and organizations specified in this paragraph;

– preparation of working documentation developed on the basis of project documentation, which has received a positive conclusion of the state examination of project documentation and the results of engineering surveys.

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