4th Birthday of Aurum Medical

Within these 4 years, the Company has implemented many healthcare projects concerning the design of future healthcare institutions and medical equipment deliveries.

These spheres remain the main company activities. Upcoming plans include expanding the geography of projects, developing existing work areas in line with current trends, and applying existing experience in new application areas.

In the last couple of years, the company has been actively developing complex equipment for medical institutions. Such projects include auditing and modernization of facilities, selection and supply of equipment for different business areas, and government agencies.

“On this day, we would like to thank everyone who stayed and stays with us — a friendly and professional team, reliable partners, and clients that trust us! Thank you for being with us!”, comments the general director of the company Alexander Bondarev.

Aurum Medical is still very young, but it already has extensive experience and a wide portfolio of solutions and services. Our team consists of competent staff, which allows the company to develop rapidly and conquer new heights every year. According to Vademecum Analytical Center data, in 2020 the Aurum Company has improved its position in the list of medical device vendors almost twice compared to 2019, shifting to 51st place.

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