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A unique premium-class computed tomography device providing the high quality of diagnostic examinations in the leading technology industry.

With a scalable modern platform that can be easily updated at the place of work, Aquilion ONE meets the requirements for patient diagnosis and treatment based on a more efficient performance within a wide spectrum of procedures. The Aquilion ONE/ViSION Edition system is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and exclusive patient-oriented functions, which helps the diagnostic physicians to work quicker, safer, and more comfortable than ever before.


  • Perfect image quality
  • Exposure levels significantly decreased
  • Protocol integration
  • Scanning patients with arrhythmia
  • Hybrid gantry construction with energy regeneration
  • Proposed mA decrease
  • Comfortable use
  • Recon speed optimization

Advantages: Aquilion One Vision — 640-slice system with enhanced-power dynamic 3D CT for scanning with complete organ coverage and low dose exposure.

Technical specifications:

  • Turnover time 0.275 s
  • 640 slices per one turnover for high-resolution imaging
  • 160 mm wide detector covering the whole organ
  • 78 cm aperture for easy access
  • Heart scanning with radiation exposure <1 mSv (HR <75 bpm)
  • Transverse table motions to simplify preparation for examinations
  • Detector element width 0.5 mm, low-contrast resolution 2 mm at 3 HU
  • Active collimator decreasing radiation exposure during spiral scanning
  • Hybrid gantry construction with energy regeneration
  • AIDR 3D iteration reconstruction algorithm
  • Adaptive Diagnostics package
  • SEMAR Technology (metal artifact suppression)
  • Scanning with complete organ coverage without the necessity of patient table movements during perfusion
  • UltraHelical mode — quick spiral scanning with perfect quality
  • Examinations with two energy levels and the field of view 50 cm
  • Iteration bolus tracing and iteration 3D Fluoro* algorithm for maximal radiation exposure decrease
  • Less contrast substance requirements

Modern innovative premium-class device for X-ray imaging studies to obtain the three-dimensional picture of the examined organ. For this purpose, the X-ray filming of the so-called early exposure organ slices is used. The computer processing of obtained images forms a general three-dimensional overview of the organ examined. The Aquilion ONE VISION Canon computed tomograph is a system providing filming with 640 slices (thickness 0.5 mm, complete turnover period 0.275 sec.), which provides the exclusive quality of obtained image with significant spatial resolution. Mild radiation exposure is provided by special technology.


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