The Volokolamsk hospital received a modern MRI machine

Aurum Company has delivered a modern MRI machine from the manufacturer Siemens to the Volokolamsk District Hospital.

“This is the 6th MRI machine in the Moscow region, which we have been launching since the beginning of the year, and the first for residents of Volokolamsk. Now you can undergo an MRI diagnosis near your home. More than 90 million rubles were allocated for the repair of the cabinet and the purchase of the apparatus,” said Svetlana Strigunkova, first deputy chairman of the government of the Moscow Region.

The new MRI machine will allow doctors to perform basic studies for diagnosis, including MRI of the brain, all parts of the spine, large and small joints, abdominal organs and pelvis. In addition to residents of Volokolamsk, patients from Shakhovskaya and Lotoshin will be able to undergo research on the new MRI machine.

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