“The place to save children’s lives”. The Krasnogorsk Hospital will receive children from the whole Russia

After the open contest, the contract for engineering surveys and the development of design documents for the construction has been concluded with Aurum LLC.

Design and construction of the object are performed as part of the State Moscow Region Program “Construction of Social Infrastructure Objects” and financed from the budget.

Krasnogorsk Pediatric Hospital will become ultra-modern and will be able to help children with a lot of diseases. Meanwhile, patients from outside of the Moscow Region will also be treated there.

The Moscow Region Governor Andrey Vorobiev confirmed this on air on the 360 Channel.

The governor noted that he had discussed the construction of a children’s hospital with the president and had secured his support. Krasnogorsk Children’s Hospital will be a place where all medical profiles will be gathered together.

Aurum Medical

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