Nova Biomedical Stat Profile Blood and Electrolyte Analyzer for the Lapino Clinical Hospital

At Lapino Clinical Hospital, Aurum Medical conducted a test run of its previously supplied, widely demanded Stat Profile blood analyzer.

The Stat Profile analyzer features an all-in-one concept that allows obtaining the parameters needed by critically ill patients from a single sample in the shortest possible time.  The device gives the possibility to measure a maximum possible number of parameters in any combination.

Stat Profile analyzers are available in two versions: an instrument with and without built-in COOX. The test panel is compiled in any combinations from possible measures parameters, which maximizes the device for the laboratory specifics. From the available tests, you can select only those parameters needed for a particular purpose, thus creating your test panel, which you can then select at the touch of a button. There is a possibility to create your own test panels — pulmonary, surgical, pediatric, etc.

Nova Biomedical Stat Profile by Aurum Medical

Nova Biomedical Stat Profile от Aurum Medical

Nova Biomedical Stat Profile от Aurum Medical


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