Aurum company entered the top ten of the TOP 100 suppliers of medical products in the public procurement market in 2021

According to the calculations of the Vademecum analytical center, Aurum has significantly improved its position in relation to 2020, moving from 51st place to 9th in the ranking of suppliers of the state order market of medical products.
The last rating compiled by the end of 2020 due to extraordinary circumstances – the COVID-19 pandemic and the transfer of the state order market of medical products to the manual government management mode (emergency budget purchases, appointment of “sole suppliers”, equipment of “covidaries”, etc.) – mercilessly shuffled the deck of the “golden” hundred-2019. It seemed that the next year should restore traditions – wash away most of the random players and return to their former positions the old-timers of the rating, who have developed immunity against sudden cataclysms. The only thing that raised concerns was the likelihood of a drop in the total volume of public procurement of MI, which is quite logical after the deflation of the speculative bubble in the market of ventilators, medical masks and laboratory plastic. But this alarm was in vain – as shown by the Vademecum Analytical Center study of deliveries in 2021, new COVID-19 strains that spur morbidity, followed by testing, did not allow the market to fail.

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