Anti-COVID technologies

By order of Moscow Region Governor Andrei Vorobyov, the region’s largest hospital for coronavirus patients was opened in the Ramensky district in the My Mall shopping center in the village of Ostrovtsy.  The work was completed ahead of schedule.

Medical equipment supplier Aurum Medical will perform work on the supply of computer tomography systems Canon Aquilion Lightning 80 made in Japan in the near future. Currently, the room is prepared for equipment installation (see the photo).

The Canon Aquilion Lightning 80 (160) CT scanner is equipped with a detector with a 20 mm field of view, which provides the investigator with new clinical possibilities. Additional features include the powerful X-ray generator, gentry aperture 780 mm, and the minimal table height of 32 cm with a function of mechanical left-right shifts by 42 cm.

You can find other equipment sold by the company to combat COVID on a special page of the website

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