A new CT scanner was received at the Ramenskoye Hospital

The Ramenskoye Hospital already has a round-the–clock computed tomography department, where 2 devices work: one is used for the diagnosis of COVID-19, and the second is for outpatient patients and inpatient surgery. The new medical equipment is supplied by Aurum Medical.

Modern digital equipment allows for multiplanar 3D reconstruction in combination with optimal radiation load. The results of the studies are displayed on the computer monitor of the doctor or X-ray technician, and are also automatically saved on the server, from where they can be re-obtained for re-analysis at any time, or transferred to the centers of the second opinion. The delivery package includes a bolus syringe-injector for intravenous administration of a contrast agent in order to study the pathology of blood vessels, organs and body systems.

Aurum Medical

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