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The device may be used as an autonomous module or as the leading module of the high-frequency electric surgical complex. It is created based on innovative ERBE developments, providing successful electrosurgical interventions almost in all spheres of medicine. With that, the range of indications for use is constantly expanded, transforming the VIO 200 D surgical coagulation device into a universal device for modern electric surgery.


  • 4 socket modules;
  • system software;
  • power cable;
  • 2 instructions for use.

Product Summary

  • All current electrosurgical technologies in a single device with automatic output power adjustment.
  • The output power is dosed depending on indications.
  • New improved cutting and coagulation functions.
  • Changed configuration of sockets for instruments.
  • Individual adjustments are possible to satisfy requirements emerging in different medical fields, different indications, and procedures.
  • Simple, interactive, and safe operation with the TFT-display and FocusView
  • A neutral electrode safety system with display output (NESSY) provides interactive support during the neutral electrode application.
  • Individually adjusted programs with a simple text: turn on the device and start working.
  • ReMode function: “remote control” with a pedal switch or a handle switch — right from the sterile field.
  • The device is intended for gastroenterology, ENT, bronchoscopy, and for outpatient surgeries.


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