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OPMI Pentero 900 is a unique combination of technologies, quality, and design in a top-of-the-line polyfunctional microscope (leading neurosurgical model).


Top-of-the-line polyfunctional microscope manufactured by Carl Zeiss Meditec AG.

Counterweight stand with 6 electromagnetic brake groups and a central control system for all device functions.

APOchromatic optics with multi-layer anti-reflex coating.

The laser autofocus system and a manual focus correction system.

Fully functional video recording and video-processing system for a microscope.

21″ control touch screen with Russian software.

Intraoperative fluorescence modules for oncology and angiography.

A unique program for the blood flow velocity analysis as part of the angiography module.

The system of air removal from under the sterile cover.

Oral switch option.

Assistant module option (face-to-face, right-left assistant positions).

When using a telescopic tube with changing focus distance, the surgeon can change the microscope configuration easily and quickly from the standard position to the Posterior Fossa position without changing the tube.

This microscope contains everything you may need for both therapeutic and scientific activities.


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