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Dissection and coagulation balance is represented with five adjustment levels for the blade vibration amplitude. Levels 4 and 5 are intended for quick dissection of avascular tissues with their simultaneous coagulation. Level 3 is optimal regarding the dissection/coagulation balance; levels 1 and 2 are preferable for more significant coagulation.


  • Portable and simple-to-use high-frequency generator
  • Dissection and coagulation in mono- and bipolar modes
  • Different modes

Features of the G11 (Gen Eleven) Electrosurgical Generator:

  • Two cutting-edge technologies (Harmonic and Enseal) in a single generator. The device is compatible with all existing tools.
  • The device is simple to install and use. A large touch-screen with a Russian interface for easy menu navigation and option selection.
  • Intuitive and informative. A single universal socket with an automatic connected tool and technology recognition.
  • The software can be updated via the USB port. The generator is compatible with all Ethicon Energy innovative tools.
  • A flawless portable design enables G11 (Gen Eleven) installation in any surgical room, even that of small sizes and clogged with equipment.

A simple-to-use interface with intuitive mode selection. Ergonomic contact construction provides comfort for the user; the system is ideally suitable for all Olympus standard carts.


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