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The user interface of the touch screen is simple to understand, providing a rich visual feedback and giving the physicians quick access to the general system information.

Active water cooling system

In-built aspiration system

Docking cone for coagulation (СЕМ™)

The CUSA NXT ultrasound surgical aspiration system is intended for use in surgical procedures, where fragmentation, emulgation, and aspiration of soft and hard (e.g., osseous) tissues is desirable, including neurosurgery, gastrointestinal surgery, and related organs, urologic surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, gynecologic surgery, thoracic surgery, laparoscopic surgery, and thoracoscopic surgery.

Catalog No. NXTSYS1

Description of Cusa NXT™ Standard Package

Catalog No.        Description         Amount

CUSANXT            Working console              1 pcs.

CUSANXT2          Aspirator module             1 pcs.

NXT10001           Control pedal     1 pcs.

NXT80002           Power cable       1 pcs.

NXT00005           Protective filter 2 pcs.

1523000M7*      Short neurosurgical 24 kHz fragmenting device    1 pcs.

1523215              Tip for 24 kHz fragmenting device             5 pcs.

1523000M8*      Neurosurgical 35 kHz fragmenting device              1 pcs.

1523235              Tip for 35 kHz fragmenting device             5 pcs.

1517079              Sterile connecting tubes 10 pcs.

07289    Case for fragmenting device sterilization               1 pcs.

Using the system in ultrasound surgery The main principle for ultrasound surgery presumes longitudinal vibration of a hollow tip with the ultrasound frequency relative to the tissue. The mechanical tip action is similar to a tiny “surgical hammer” breaking the cellular material. When the tip contacts the tissue filled with fluid, the resulting suspension of the emulgated material from the tissue is aspirated through the tip center. Slow irrigating fluid flow around the tip promotes the removal of processed tissues. The selective device action occurs due to the destruction of the fluid containing cellular material. At the same time, fibrous and elastic tissues (nerves, blood vessels) remain relatively intact with the ultrasound frequencies used.


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