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The vacuum console pump provides the required vacuum level of 600 mm Hg. This excludes the necessity of connecting an external aspirator, saves place, and shortens the time to prepare for the surgery. The CUSA EXcel®+ noise level has been decreased by 50 % compared to the prior device version.


A new modern subclass of intellectual US destructors. This combines key technological advantages and the power of a top CUSA Excel model with an innovative digital architecture based on a powerful computer. Cusa Dissecton™ is a subclass of portable mobile US destructors-aspirators working in several hospital departments. The device is constructed as a single unit containing an ultrasound generator, an irrigation system, and an aspiration control system.

Spheres of use for CUSA Excel®+ and NXT®+

  •  Neurosurgery — removal of different tumors in the brain and spinal cord, vertebral tumors.
  •  General surgery — liver resection and transplant, resections of other solid organs, vascular surgery.
  •  Orthopedics — removal of bone tumors and osteophytes, mechanical bone treatment.
  •  Cosmetology — removal of soft and hard tissues, bone treatment with blood vessel, and nerve preservation.

Active water cooling system

In-built aspiration system

Docking cone for coagulation (СЕМ™)


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