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Modern innovative device for X-ray imaging studies to obtain the three-dimensional picture of the examined organ. For this purpose, the X-ray filming of the so-called early exposure organ slices is used. The computer processing of obtained images forms a general three-dimensional overview of the organ examined. The Aquilion Lightning SP Canon computed tomograph is a system providing filming with 160 slices (thickness 0.5 mm, complete turnover period 0.6/0.5 sec.), which provides the exclusive quality of obtained image with significant spatial resolution. Mild radiation exposure is provided by special technology.

Aquilion Lightning includes the newest technologies in the sphere of hardware and software, as well as reconstruction technologies that allow following the busy working schedule, preserving the best image quality.

The system provides an ordered working process — from patient installation to diagnosis. Quick and effective examination with automatic dose selection allows for optimal imaging results and the patient’s experience.


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