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Minimal radiation doses for the patient with many technologies, including CARE Dose4D (real-time tube current modulation), SAFIRE (Algorithm of sinogram-based iterative image reconstructions), Ultra Fast Ceramic effective detector materials, etc.


  • The data acquired are ideally suited for 2D/3D/4D postprocessing.
  • The system provides imaging of the smallest anatomical objects using various technologies, particularly IVR (Interleaved Volume Reconstruction).
  • Simple operation and increased performance are guaranteed thanks to the intuitive Syngo user interface.

SOMATOM Perspective, with 64 and 128 slice options, solves a full spectrum of diagnostic tasks in surgery, oncology, neurology, neurosurgery, cardiology, pediatrics, and intensive care units. The scanner provides brain examinations, contrast-enhanced CT angiography, a full complex of examinations related to the diagnosis and quantitative evaluation of vascular disorders, including the diagnosis of vascular malformations and coronary angiography, dynamic functional studies of cerebral blood flow disorders during the diagnosis of strokes, and tumors (early stages).

SOMATOM Perspective has a modern gantry design with optional lighting.


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