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SOMATOM Drive enables the resultive system management. SOMATOM Drive is equipped with a universal Dual Source technology (two tubes). The DistinCT Reading package optimizes system control. SOMATOM Drive provides high-resolution images with low kV and attenuates metal artifacts in 3D or HD imaging.


  • Accuracy when working with patients
  • Accuracy during operation
  • Accuracy in business needs

The Dual Source technology (two-tube CT) provides quick studies with low radiation exposure regardless of the patient’s age, size, and weight. A two-tube gantry and a high-pitch table open the way to accurate CT imaging with high scanning speed and temporal resolution.

  • Stellarinfinity detector with an integrated iterative reconstruction.
  • Stellarinfinity detector with an integrated iterative reconstruction system gives a new level for the collaboration of hardware and software parts. The high resolution of the Stellarinfinity detector provides excellent image quality and a low noise level.
  • Tin Filter and CARE Screen technology.
  • The CARE Screen technology and the Tin Filter in both tubes provide decreased radiation exposure while preserving the image quality. The filter optimizes the spectrum of X-rays, cutting off low-energy photons not used during imaging. Due to the combination of low radiation exposure and high diagnostic reliability, SOMATOM Drive is well suited for spinal and orthopedic studies.
  • Straton® MX Sigma X-ray tubes and Sigma generators.
  • SOMATOM Drive is equipped with new Straton® MX Sigma X-ray tubes and Sigma generators, as well as High Power 70 & High Power 80 packages providing scanning at maximal speeds without motion artifacts. They are optimized for scanning at low kV to decrease the examination time without losing the image quality. SOMATOM Drive uses the powers of both tubes for quick studies.
  • A special increment of voltage adjustment (10 kV).
  • SOMATOM Drive with the Dual Source technology is equipped with a special increment of voltage adjustment (10 kV), which provides automatic adjustment of optimal kV and the CARE technology without user participation. All these provide good image quality and low radiation exposure for each individual patient.
  • Quick scanning.
  • SOMATOM Drive is equipped with 2×100 kW generator power providing accurate imaging for every patient. SOMATOM Drive enables quick scanning thanks to two tubes complementing each other even with low kV, the high speed of horizontal table motion, quick data transfer, and gantry with a tube rotation speed of 0.28 seconds.
  • Adaptive 4D Spiral.
  • The Adaptive 4D Spiral technology provides complete organ coverage during perfusion studies while performing low-dose CT angiography and dynamic CT. 4D imaging helps overcome limited detector width and allows quicker studies, making physicians more assured with selected treatment methods. A new Adaptive 4D Spiral technology provides 4D scanning with coverage up to 48 cm.
  • Electric power stabilization device.
  • Special electric power stabilization device damps voltage surges, enabling the use of the Dual Source technology (two tubes) even with the infrastructure with prior limitations.


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