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The tomography device operation is based on the Adaptive 4D Spiral technology. This technology simplifies evaluations of three-dimensional perfusion in the brain and internal organs, with the coverage area of 27 cm. Full organ coverage is available during the 4D examination.

Innovative scanner with a single X-ray tube.

Expert studies in cardiology, oncology, intensive care, and neurology. The completely integrated detector minimizing electronic noises provides ultra-thin slices with a high spatial resolution of 0.3 mm. The SOMATOM Definition Edge opens wide capabilities and provides standards in the diagnosis among one-tube scanners.


  • The Adaptive 4D Spiral technology of continuous reciprocal table movement during the spiral scanning allows increasing the information collection range in the 4D mode.

The SOMATOM Definition Edge completely corresponds to requirements of the diagnostic future — complex diagnosis in the intensive care department, including examining patients with acute chest pain; expert cardiology studies; options for detection of the chemical tissue composition for complex contrast-enhanced studies (gout tophi against the background of osteoarthritis changes in hands and feet, differential diagnosis in urolithiasis).

The SOMATOM Definition Edge is equipped with a new FAST CARE group technology simplifying operational processes during image scanning and reconstruction, preserving the minimally possible radiation level. The SAFIRE technology of sinogram-based iterative reconstruction helps to achieve a significant decrease in patient radiation levels due to decreasing the noise and increasing the clarity of images. A maximum 72% decrease is achieved when using a set of technologies for radiation dose decrease. All algorithms work in the automatic mode.

CT guided interventions with three-dimensional images with an Adaptive 3D Intervention option.


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