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The first adaptive scanner in the world.

Siemens SOMATOM Definition AS is the first adaptive computed tomography device in the world. This is the only CT system that can adapt to all patients and clinical tasks.


  • The SOMATOM Definition AS scanner overcomes the limits of traditional computed tomography thanks to the Adaptive 4D Spiral technology.
  • This system opens new perspectives both from clinical and economic points of view while also improving the quality and efficacy of patient services.

The Adaptive 4D Spiral technology simplifies the quantitative evaluation during head and body scanning. It allows visualizing the function of the whole organ based on CT angiography with phase-separation contrasting. The technology of continuous reciprocal table movement during the spiral scanning increases the information collection range in the 4D mode.

For the first time, it has become possible to evaluate 3D perfusion of the brain and internal organs (Volume Perfusion CT Neuro, Volume Perfusion CT Body) with a coverage area of 27 cm. CT guided interventions with three-dimensional images with an Adaptive 3D Intervention option. This presumes needle control using real-time images in a voluntary plane, displaying multiplanar reconstructions and three-dimensional models.

The scanner is equipped with a new FAST CARE group technology simplifying operational processes during image scanning and reconstruction, preserving the minimally possible radiation level. The CARE kV technology recommends the suitable tube voltage based on the patient constitution and the organ examined; all other parameters are automatically adjusted according to the selected kV level. A maximum 72% decrease is achieved when using a set of technologies for radiation dose decrease. All algorithms work in the automatic mode.


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