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MAGNETOM Spectra has all advantages of ultra high-field magnets with the most accessible price.


  • A wide spectrum of clinical programs, technologies, and sequences included into the basic package;
  • A unique Tim technology implemented in MAGNETOM Spectra provides the possibility of scanning any anatomic area up to the whole patient (saving time, patient and physician comfort, studying systemic diseases in oncology, angiology, and rheumatology);
  • Easy installation thanks to an ultra-short magnet design, light structure, and minimal operational costs;
  • Optimal “price/clinical capabilities” ratio and quick commercial device payback.

MAGNETOM Spectra advantages regarding the working process:

Low service costs.

  1. “Zero helium evaporation” technology, so only 1 refueling per 10 years is required.

Operational convenience:

  1. Due to the Tim technology, the physician does not select coils, but only determines the required anatomical coverage area. Then the optimal data acquisition mode is selected completely automatically, with the formation of a virtual coil from elements of various matrix coils (a thoroughly new, higher level of MR department operation);
  2. Package of patient motion compensation during scanning, which works in all anatomical areas (head, neck, spine, abdomen, pelvis, extremities), with any slice orientation, and in all tissue contrasts.

Automatic working processes for MRI:

  1. One-, two-, and three-dimensional shift corrections during the data collection, which is especially important when synchronizing data collection with respiration, imaging of perfusion or diffusion, angiography, mammography, functional studies, etc.;
  2. In-built and adjusted data processing directly during data collection;
  3. Automatic generation of new scanning protocols per MRI images;
  4. Automatic leveling of slices in the head, spine, knee joint based on the integrated anatomical atlas (repeated clinical results regardless of the patient position during scanning);
  5. Unique technology of continuous patient table motion during MR scanning. The TimCT technology helps to completely exclude geometric distortions in overview field edges. The MR examination speed increases in parallel together with the patient’s comfort. Besides, the quality of MR imaging enhances, as all anatomical regions scanned during the study mandatorily pass through the magnet isocenter with maximal field uniformity;
  6. The Dot technology personalizes, guides, automatizes, and promotes enhanced efficacy of the working process. The user-friendly interface with step-by-step instructions provides the physician without a large experience of MR scanner operation with the option to acquire high-quality images even during complex examinations.

MAGNETOM Spectra advantages for the patient:

  • Magnet tunnel with the length of only 173 cm provides maximal comfort, minimum claustrophobia, and convenient access to the patient;
  • Unique Tim4G+Dot technologies significantly decrease the time of patient scanning;
  • Comfortable, flexible, very light, mainly cordless headphones significantly enhance the comfort of procedures performed;
  • Internal gantry magnet lighting for easier patient perception;
  • Comfortable table with an in-built back coil.

Clinical advantages of MAGNETOM Spectra:

  • The standard package includes the full spectrum of clinical applications — neurology, angiography (without contrast and with contrast enhancement), oncology, orthopedics, mammography, cardiology, abdominal surgery, pediatrics;
  • The Tim 4G technology provides simultaneous unification of up to 120 elements from different coils to cover a large anatomic area (e.g., the whole CNS);
  • The TimTX TrueForm technology helps to achieve uniformity along the whole overview field (distortion disappears in image edges, as the uniformity is measured not in a spherical volume but rather in the cylindrical one);
  • High-intensive multi-element coils make the operation with a higher PAT factor possible;
  • High-quality studies using a Dot automatic working process;
  • A large choice of user-friendly Dot packages;
  • A wide spectrum of additional clinical applications, including the package for quick dynamic 3D MR angiography, software for quantitative evaluation of neuro perfusion data sets, a package for non-contrast brain perfusion studies based on the EPI sequence with the use of the PASL (pulsating arterial spin-label) method, etc.


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