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The MAGNETOM® Skyra system is the reference for productivity in the 3 T class, which provides images of high diagnostic quality with up to 50 % more enhanced performance. This system can attract new patient groups and significantly improve profitability. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, MAGNETOM Skyra can operate in all spheres — from routine clinical practice to advanced scientific studies.


Exclusive quality and speed of MR studies in the 3 T class;

Effective and stable results;

Expanded spectrum of MRI services.

The standard package of the MAGNETOM Skyra system includes a complex set of applications for all anatomic regions.

Cutting-edge innovations open flexible capabilities on expanding the spectrum of MRI services according to increasing clinical practice requirements. Combined with Tim® 4G and DotGO1 technologies, this complex set of applications will help with even the most complex studies in wide clinical practice. For every patient. Every day.

MAGNETOM Skyra is an expert-class MR tomography device with a field of 3 T and a 70 cm aperture, providing several technical capabilities that help achieve excellent quality images with a new level of cost-efficiency for studies on a 3 T system. For every patient. Every day.


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