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MAGNETOM ESSENZA 1.5 T — a system with Tim+Dot technologies. This MR tomography device developed accounting for the experience of over 1000 users will help to increase the performance, comprehensiveness, and diagnostic result reliability during routine operation of the MRI department.


  • Enhanced performance with Tim+Dot technologies: a more comfortable, quick, and efficient way to stable high-quality images.
  • More applications for any body’s regions: a multitude of standard and additional applications expanding the spectrum of medical services.
  • More reliability due to stable economic return: clear and reliable cost structure promotes the economic success of this 1.5 T tomography device.

Siemens Healthineers technologies

  • Tim: Tim’s integrated coil technology has changed the MR scanning procedure forever. This proven technology providing perfect image quality and high scanning speed already equips nearly 8000 installed systems. The whole body coverage eliminates the necessity to position patients repeatedly for scanning several anatomic regions, helping to perform more studies within a single working day.
  • Dot: Dot technology offers a new, more efficient method of MR imaging organization. A set of adjusted decisions is used when scanning based on the Dot technology. It provides optional individual study parameters accounting for patient needs, step-by-step instructions for users, making MRI studies automatic — based on standard procedures or accounting for specific institution needs.


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