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Thanks to a revolutionary combination of Tim 4G (Total Imaging Matrix) technology and Dot (working process optimization) technology, the MAGNETOM Aera system provides a new approach to cost-efficiency for systems with a magnetic field strength of 1.5 T. The MAGNETOM Aera MR system provides expert-level studies for the most complex diagnostic tasks in hospitals and scientific centers of the highest level.


  • More comfortable conditions for patients thanks to a 70 cm open tunnel and a small system length;
  • Increased performance achieving 50 %1 thanks to Tim 4G and Dot technologies;
  • Full-spectrum of applications for normal diagnostic and scientific studies.

MAGNETOM Aera is an expert-class MR tomography device with a field of 1.5 T, providing several technical capabilities that help achieve excellent quality of images with a new level of cost-efficiency for studies on a 1.5 T system.

Tim 4G: the fourth generation of a reliable Tim (Total Imaging Matrix) technology that activates up to 204 coil elements and up to 64 RF channels, providing maximal accuracy during studies.

Dot: next step in the MRI development. This is a complex solution for working process organization that helps to simplify MR scanning. The Dot technology provides the adjustable environment for study personification, step-by-step guidance of operator actions, and scanning automation.

The TrueForm technology, for the first time, provides the diagnostic field with the cylindrical shape and ideal uniformity in the whole volume to build maximally reliable diagnostic images.


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