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Automatic hematological 6-diff analyzer with automatic sample feed and the possibility of reticulocyte or body fluid analysis

Flow cytometry method for differential WBC count (6 WBC subpopulation) and reticulocyte count.

Complete blood count, including the WBC differential and reticulocyte count, on 25 μL whole blood with EDTA

The sample can be analyzed for over 70 different hematological parameters

Standardized cytology of body fluids, including the cerebrospinal fluid

The XN-550 analyzer may be easily adapted for the clinical scenarios of a specific healthcare institution.

Diagnostic capabilities of the XN-450 analyzer may be expanded by adding the function of the reticulocyte analysis (RET license, option) and/or function of the body fluid analysis (BF license, option) to the base model.

The analyzer adapts the measurement to the sample properties: in cases of low WBC count, a special mode of leucocytopenic sample measurement may be activated (L-WBC license, option); when detecting signs of the “old” sample, a special “AGED SAMPLE IDENTIFIER” mode (option) may be automatically activated.

As the laboratory working loads enhance, the analyzer performance may be increased up to 70 samples per hour (Speed-up licence, option)

Thanks to unique measurement technologies and an efficient quality insurance system, highly accurate results may be yielded on the analyzers of the XN-L series.

WBC count and differential reticulocytotic parameters are analyzed with the fluorescent flow cytometry method.

Hemoglobin may be detected using the highly accurate SLS method and duplicated with the direct optical method (Ret-channel).

RBC and platelet counts may be analyzed with the impedance method using the hydrodynamic focusing, with the possibility of count duplication with a direct optical method (Ret-channel).

Metrological tracing of patient sample measurement results with reference methods is guaranteed by the manufacturer (ISO 17511).

Sysmex reference materials are qualified for all parameters detected by XN-L analyzers (XN-L CHECK), including the cytology of body fluids (XN-L CHECK BF).

Sysmex gives a unique possibility of free participation in the external quality control system for hematological tests without the necessity of buying additional reference materials (SCNC-system).

The XN-550 analyzer is aimed at solving a wide spectrum of tasks in different spheres of clinical medicine.

Pediatrics and neonatology. With every analysis, a low aspiration volume of 25 μL plus the availability of direct immature granulocyte (IG) count and antibody-producing cell (HFLC) information. Flags and possible count of erythroblasts (NRBC).

Dialysis departments. The RET-He parameter (reticulocytotic hemoglobin) evaluation for EPO therapy monitoring, possible analysis of peritoneal dialysis fluid.

Neurology wards. Standardized results for the cerebrospinal fluid cytology – fast and available 24/7.

Oncology. Precise and accurate measurement of leucocytopenic samples (L-WBC mode) helps obtain reliable neutrophil counts during chemotherapy.

A wide spectrum of parameters detected by the XN-550 analyzer provides an efficient diagnostic instrument for clinical physicians.

Diagnosis of purulent-septic and inflammatory processes. Devices of the XN-L and XN series are the only ones that provide the absolute and relative counts of immature neutrophils (IG, total metamyelocyte, promyelocyte, and myelocyte count) to physicians. The efficacy of this parameter has been proven in the diagnosis and monitoring of septic conditions.

Diagnosis and evaluation of iron deficiency treatment efficacy: the reticulocyte hemoglobinization parameter (Ret-He) is an accurate iron deficiency marker not depending on inflammation. The Dlta-He parameter (difference between the hemoglobin concentration in the reticulocyte and the red blood cell) is an early marker of iron deficiency treatment efficacy.

Evaluation of erythropoiesis efficacy: the IRF parameter (fraction of immature reticulocytes) helps to evaluate the activity of the erythroid hematopoietic lineage.


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