SYSMEX CS-2100I/CS-2000I

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Sysmex CS-2100i/CS-2000i is a modern Japanese system that responds to various tests in small and middle-sized laboratories. This automatic coagulation analyzer includes the possibility of tests during the pre-analytical stage and measuring data with the multi-wave method. All these facts minimize errors during the studies and almost completely exclude the necessity for repeated tests. The device is equipped with a cap piercing device, which minimizes contact with hazardous substances.

Sysmex CS-2100i/CS-2000i features

Proper control system minimizes the possibility of errors. Thus, the multi-wave scanning of the preanalytical operational condition is performed automatically before each test.

PSI technology implementation can facilitate the operator’s work when detecting especially complex moments during the study.

The possibility of hemolysis, icterus, and lipemia detection during the preanalytical check. Radiowaves of variable lengths are used for that.

The possibility of a specific parameter setup for study result printouts.

The sample control service before the test helps to detect and eliminate discrepancies during the initial step.

Automatic result sorting based on the incorrect volume of tube filling with reagents and samples.

The possibility of coagulation reaction scanning with 5 different types of radio waves.

Comfortable interface based on Windows XP OS.

Possible throughput up to 180 tests per hour.

The possibility of working with open and closed tubes plus the function of urgent sample tests.


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