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A mobile X-ray device for working outside of the radiology room with non-transportable patients of all age groups.


It is a multifunctional mobile device providing you with X-ray films in any location of the medical institution. A light-alloy metal body provides high resistance to mechanical damage and low device weight.


The small weight and size of the device make it indispensable for use in any location of the medical institution, including at the patient’s bed. A high-frequency generator helps to organize examinations with high stability and linearity of output parameters. Short exposure time decreases the possibility of inadvertent movements and respiratory motions during the study, providing high film clarity. This feature is significant when examining children and patients in severe conditions. Technical generator parameters decrease the dose received by the patient and medical staff.

It is possible to connect the digital detector (35×43 cm) to the device with a wireless (WiFi) image transfer channel.

Control touchscreen

Russian language in the anatomical software

Russian language in service messages

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