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The Sysmex CA-660 Automatic Coagulometer is a compact, fully automatized automatic coagulometric analyzer of coagulation parameters that unites reliable and successful characteristics of prior models, such as optical detection system and the reagent system, with new functions.

It may serve as a main analyzer for laboratories with a small number of coagulation tests or a powerful backup device in larger laboratories.

The CA-660 analyzer uses an optical detection method to detect changes in the reaction mixture turbidity during coagulation. It is reflected by changes in the scattered light intensity when fibrinogen is transformed into fibrin filaments. The light is directed onto the reaction mixture, after which the photodiode senses the scattered light intensity. Thus, light signals transform into electric ones and are used to detect the clotting time. This method is used to measure prothrombin time, activated partial thromboplastin time, fibrinogen, coagulation factors, and many other coagulation tests.

For more specific information and prices for the automatic coagulometer, please get in touch with our specialist on the phone or leave your request in one of the feedback forms.


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