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The Mednord ARP-01M is the first and currently unique Russian piezoelectric thromboelastography device that can work with the whole blood. It is intended for rapid blood clotting tests and monitoring the treatment of its clotting disorders, having a larger informational value than all global analogs, which helps define the cause and character of bleeding, diagnosing thrombophilic states.

The Mednord ARP-01M complex helps significantly enhance the quality and promptness in diagnosing blood clotting disorders, increasing the quality and efficacy of prevention and treatment for these disorders, which is life-saving for people with cardiovascular diseases, cancers, severe traumas, and other variable critical conditions.

The possibility of blood clotting monitoring in patients is an undeniable advantage, providing correct and controlled treatment with antiplatelet drugs, anticoagulants, and thrombolytic agents.

The complex operation does not require reagents and materials, which is an important cost-efficient advantage of this complex.

In most cases, this complex completely substitutes expensive laboratory coagulation tests while also providing tests on the whole blood, citrated blood, and plasma in the laboratory; it may also work in the operative room and as part of point-of-care testing.

The complex can be used in anesthesiology and intensive care, cardiology, oncology, surgery, traumatology, obstetrics & gynecology, neonatology, veterinary medicine, critical care, disaster medicine, or for the prevention of various diseases.

The device provides records of changes in the medium’s resistance examined to vibrations of the needle attached to the piezoelectric sensor in the range from 0 to (950+-50) relative units within the defined test time (min).

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